The Taman Mini Malaysia & ASEAN is also known as The Mini Malaysia and ASEAN Cultural Park. The cultural theme park was inaugurated by the Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir Mohamad in 1986. The Park acts as a symbolic representation of the cultural significance in Malaysia along with its neighboring countries such as Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia etc. Tourists prefer such interesting cultural theme parks as they get to know the cultural heritage of each country along with their traditional attire and symbolic representation. Moreover, in order to make it more interesting, these cultural theme parks involve cultural performances along with other attractions. The ASEAN theme park represents Association of Southeast Asian Nations. The theme outlays the foundation of all South East Asian Countries who are member of the ASEAN, eventually other member nations were also added in the association.


Interesting Aspects of Mini Malaysia and ASEAN Cultural Park

Apart from ASEAN Cultural Park, the mini Malaysia signifies different states of Malaysia along with its cultural and architectural heritage. The Mini Malaysia involve the following Houses – Kedah Long Roofed House, Sabah Traditional House, Perlis Long Roofed House, Sarawak Traditional House, Penang Long Roofed House, Terrengganu Five Roofed House, Perak Long Roofed House, Selangor Long Roofed House, Negeri Sembilan Long Roofed House, Malacca Long Roofed House, Johore Five Roofed House, Kelantan Long Roofed House and Pahang Long Roofed House. These houses are important aspects of national integrity. It is recommended for every tourist to visit and explore all the houses situated in the Mini Malaysia Theme Park. Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad insisted on creation of these houses along with other attractions in ASEAN cultural theme park in order to create awareness among the tourists about the historical origins of Malaysia along with other countries in South East Asia.


Features of Each House in Taman Mini Malaysia

Each House situated inside the park complex possesses genuine handicrafts items belonging from each state of Malaysia. It also displays life like figures featuring traditional costumes along with other cultural heritage. These houses also host several cultural shows and traditional games. It is advisable for tourists to explore such places of interest as they display encompassing features.

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How to get to Taman Mini Malaysia & ASEAN Cultural Park? Several Buses are available which ply North South expressway daily. Some of these buses stop at the Butterfly junction and head towards Ayer Keroh Main Road. One should ask for directions to the park from locals if required.

Address : Taman Mini Malaysia & ASEAN Cultural Park, Malacca

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