Padang Besar has a unique meaning associated with its name. The name means big field in Bahasa Melayu. It is situated in the northern part of Perlis, Malaysia. Padang Besar has a heritage history associated as it played crucial role in building the rail connection between Singapore and Thailand. Its strategic location in the state of Perlis has acted as an influence for influx of tourists visiting from neighboring countries. It is situated nearly 57 kilometer southeast of Hai Yai and 35 kilometer northeast of Kangar. It offers its tourists with wide range of duty free shopping option facilities ranging from electronic items; leather good, wholesale products etc. It is often termed as a paradise shopping destination for tourists visiting Padang Besar each year. The town of Padang Besar attracts potential visitors from all over Malaysia and Thailand. Its significance is not only limited to international trade and logistics but also agriculture sector. The local citizens of Padang Besar are mostly dependent upon their agriculture. A wide of variety of regional languages are spoken at Padang Besar such as Mandarin, Hokkien, Thai, Tamil etc.

Moreover, tourists often get confused with another town also named Padang Besar situated at southern Thailand. It is also known as Pekan Siam or Siamese Town by its Thai counterparts. Tourists prefer to visit Padang Besar on the Malaysian side as it more organized in terms of public utilities and transportation.

Exquisite Places near Padang Besar

  1. Chuping – It is a popular place among the tourist as they prefer to watch Malaysia Rally Championship. Moreover, it is also known for its largest sugarcane land which forms an important agricultural aspect of Malaysia.
  1. Timan Tasoh Lake – It is another famous lake of Padang Besar which attracts potential tourists from far off places. The Timan Tasoh Lake is one of the best picnicking spots for tourists.
  1. Perlis State Park – A forest filled with adventurous trails and exquisite species all around. Most visit the Perlis State Park during winters in order enjoy its relaxing charms and aroma.

Travel by Bus

Travelling by Bus in Padang Besar is the most convenient mode of transportation till date. Most of the Buses ply on North South Plus Highway Changlun and Changlun-Kuala Perlis highway. One can reach Padang Besar easily from Kangar through bus. Most of the tourists from Thailand travel till Padang Besar in order to experience its magnificent shopping and recreational experience. The journey is often exciting with packaged food served on bus with tea and coffee. The relaxation offered on these buses attracts tourists to spend more time in Padang Besar.

In order to cross over to Thailand, the coaches generally prefer Malaysia Federal Route 7. In order to reach Padang Besar, one can book a ticket at one of the bus terminals and enjoy the majestic view through Sadao Highway or Thailand Route 4054. The journey offers pleasant view of the sugarcane fields and villages. The journey of Padang Besar is always remembered and cherished by everyone.