The Exquisite Features of Melaka Sultanate Palace

The Melaka Sultanate Palace is one of the beautiful palaces which existed during the era of Sultan Mansur Syah who ruled Malacca from 1456 to 1477. It is believed that the original palace got extinct during the Portuguese domination of Malacca. The administration of Malacca along with the Malaysian government took the initiative to build the replica of the palace which used to exist during the Sultanate era. The replica was built in 1984 and it was officially opened by the Prime Minister of Malaysia himself. The replica of Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum was considered to be built from the date and information obtained from the Malay annals. Its unique intricate structures along with its interior designs and artistic relevance show that the Palace was considered as one of the powerful hub in the history of Malacca. The museum of Melaka Sultanate Palace was build with the intention of preserving the architectural styles of the early sultanate period of Malacca. Moreover, it depicts artistic impression of the halls and the Sultanate’s chamber inside the Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum.


Architectural Significance of Melaka Sultanate Palace

The replica of the Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum was build using Belian Wood. The Belian wood is considered as one of the great materials for protection against rain and water. It was used to construct the roof of the palace while hardwood was used to construct the building of the palace. After its inauguration by the Prime Minister himself, the Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum has become one of the vital tourist destinations in Malacca. The structure of the palace museum astonishes its visitor as it was build accurately as per descriptions provided in the Malay annals about the original Melaka Sultanate Palace.

Tourists prefer to explore the historical significance of the Melaka Sultanate Palace. The palace was originally situated at the foot of St. Paul Hill. The replica was also constructed over the ruins of the original palace. The Melaka Sultanate Palace is often termed as the cultural museum. During its official opening in 1986, Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad acknowledged the efforts of the historians and workers who dedicated themselves towards building of the palace replica.


Planning to head down to Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum, Malacca? 

Here are some TIPS + ESSENTIAL INFORMATION if you are planning to head towards Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum, Malacca anytime soon.

What is the best time to explore Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum? The Best time to explore the Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum is from 9 AM to 6PM. There are certain admission charged to the visitor which is RM 2.00 for Adults while RM 0.50 for Children or Student

How to get to Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum? It is quite easy to reach Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum located in Melacca. Though, there are few transportation options available in the vicinity of the palace. It is advised that one should hire taxi or private vehicle to reach the Palace complex.

Address: Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum, Malacca

Near St. Paul Hill, Melaka, Malaysia