Negeri Sembilan is located on the western coast of Peninsular Malaysia – south of Kuala Lumpur and borders Selangor on the north, Pahang in the east, and Malacca and Johor to the south.

The name Selangor is understood to originate from the nine districts known as luak settled by the Minangkabau, a people originally from West Sumatra (in present-day Indonesia).

The monarch of Negeri Sembilan is known as Yang di-Pertuan Besar instead of Sultan like other hereditary monarchs of the other royal Malay states.

Seremban is the capital of Negeri Sembilan and the royal capital is at Seri Menanti in the district of Kuala Pilah. Port Dickson and Nilai are also few of the important towns in Negeri Sembilan.

Cities in Negeri Sembilan

  • Seremban – The capital city
  • Gemas – Small town in Negeri Sembilan
  • Mantin – The "mine tin" town
  • Port Dickson – Beach resort town about 33 km west of Seremban
  • Tampin – A town and district in Negeri Sembilan
  • Tanjung Gemuk – Small beach resort

Travel by bus

Terminal One Mall Seremban is the central express bus terminal in Negeri Sembilan. Tampin Express Bus Terminal, Kuala Pilah Express Bus Terminal, Gemencheh Express Bus Terminal, Gemas Express Bus Terminal and Nilai Express Bus Terminal provide bus services to residents from distant towns in Negeri Sembilan, such as Bahau, Gemas and Tampin.

There are also frequent express bus services by companies such as Sistem Kenderaan Seremban and Suasana Edaran from Seremban to Kuala Lumpur and Malacca.

Plusliner, Transnasional, Newsia, S&S International are also few of the major coach operators that provide express bus services to Negeri Sembilan.

Hop in a bus

Bus service in Seremban is a lil poor compared to other cities around the country befo which actually results heavy congestion in Seremban all time.