The natural island of Pulau Payar is part of mainland Kedah situated in the Straits of Malacca. Its beautiful beaches are cherished by tourists who visit it during their vacation for various recreational activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, shark feeding etc. Tourists visiting these places are often amazed to see its coral reefs of rainbow colors. Kids prefer to live in their own world of amusement which involve adventurous activities like building sand castles, exploring the creatures on the island and enjoying the glorious sunset. Most of the tourists in Pulau Payar engage in deep sea diving with professional diving kits in presence of an expert.

Snoorkeling at Pulau Payar Island

Pulau Payar Island

Vivid Interests of Pulau Payar Island

The marine park scuba diving charms the tourists to visit Pulau Payar Island again and again. It has some of the most fascinating diving spots with great visibility. These diving spots also have some of the sunken fishing boats. Apart from that, the coral reefs hosts range of species inhabiting the place. Though, due to temperature changes and excess carrying capacity, these coral reefs have changed remarkably for last six months. Now, these coral reefs do exhibit the rainbow colors due to bleaching. The bleaching has spread across the coral reefs widely leading to disastrous consequences for marine life and sea creatures. The administration has taken steps to reduce the bleaching. Though, it has opened other beaches for tourists to have fun with the exquisite species of coral reef. These species involve wide range of fishes. Most of the tourists prefer feeding baby sharks on these beaches. These baby sharks are harmless creatures as they usually roam around in the shallow waters of the beaches.

The Coral Garden displays magnificent corals decorated with bright colors. These soft corals are some of the cherished places to visit as they are spread across 2 km. Tourists prefer to snorkel and dive in these favorable spots.

Pulau Payar Island

Pulau Payar Island

Convenient Mode of Transportation

The most convenient mode of transportation to Pulau Payar Island is speed boat or catamaran. The service of catamaran is operated by Langkawi Coral. It is one of the popular companies engaged in the business of transporting tourist to favorable spots on the island. Tourist prefer catamaran as compared to speed boat due to its high speed and level of comfort. The catamaran usually reaches Pulau Payar island within a short of 45 minutes while the speed boats takes usually more than 1 hour. Furthermore, the catamaran has more seating capacity with comfortable seats, air conditioning, walking space etc whereas the speed boat lags in terms of comfort facilities for tourists. It is generally advised to book catamaran prior to the day of journey as it tends to get booked early. Moreover, interested tourists can book the tickets through various travel agents at Kuah jetty. The catamaran starts off from specific jetty points in Kuah and other places.

Planning to head down to Pulau Payar? 

Here are some TIPS+ ESSENTIAL INFORMATION if you are planning to head towards Pulau Payar anytime soon?

What is the best time to explore Pulau Payar? Anytime during the day to evening. 

How to get to Pulau Payar? You can get to Pulau Payar from Kuah Jetty by a ferry ride and it will approximately take an hour ride. 

Charges Involved for Marine Park Entry? The charges are nominal for tourists. RM 5.00 is charged for Adults and RM 2.50 is charged for Children.

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Address : No. 6 Kampong Bendang Baru,
Kuah Langkawi, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia