The Kuala Lumpur Bird Park is one of the greatest assets of Malaysia. It possesses wide variety of bird species ranging from Flamingoes, Parrots, Macaws, Ducks, Storks etc. The Bird Park possesses all kinds of facilities in their natural habitat ranging from waterfall, bird aviary, amphitheater etc. These features display the significance of these bird species migrating from one place to another. The wide number of birds migrates specially from Australia, Africa, Holland, South America, Indonesia etc. The range of birds migrating each season varies with time. It has been seen that the number of birds are increasing ever since the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park was inaugurated. Bird watchers from various parts of the world visit the fascinating place of migrating birds to observe and study them. Kids with families come to Kuala Lumpur Bird Park come each month to enjoy the weather and spend time with family members. The Kuala Lumpur Bird Park charges certain fee associated with the well being of the birds to its visitors. The visitors are often amused to watch the activities associated with the migrating birds.

KL Bird Park Activities

The activities associated with this bird park involve feeding this bird with their natural diets. The administration of the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park has divided the whole area into zones. Each zone is designated with special form of activity ranging from bird feeding to bird shows. Some of the activities associated with each zone are Hornbill Feeding in Zone 3, Eagle Feeding in Zone 1, Birds Show Amphitheater in Zone 4 and Ostrich Feeding in Zone 4 etc. All these zones are designated with special types activities in order to encourage more human and bird participation.


Various Species of Birds

The number of birds which could be seen in the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park are more than 3000 in number belonging from more than 200 species around the world. Each year the administration generally fix budget for the well being of the birds. Natural Surrounding are created to attract more migrating birds which involves flowering plants, cascading waterfalls, pools, miniature garden etc. Some of these birds possess sharp claws and beaks. Hornbills and Flamingoes are more popular among the tourists along with Pheasants & Mynahs. The Kuala Lumpur Bird Park also possess several restaurants and coffee shops for the visitors to enjoy the their break while observing the birds.


How to reach Kuala Lumpur Bird Park?

One can reach the Bird Park easily through bus or taxi. It is much more convenient for tourists to travel out to the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park via bus as it is cheaper and safer for travelling purposes. Moreover, various buses ply through different routes to reach Kuala Lumpur Bird Park such as Bus No. 30 through Jalan Sultan Mohamed and Bus No. 22 & 38 through Lebuh Pasar Besar. The duration required to reach the destination is around 2 to 3 hours. Reasonable admission fee is charged to Malaysians and tourists while entering the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park.

Address: KL Bird Park, 920, Jalan Cenderawasih,

50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia