The Jonker Walk situated in Malacca, Malaysia has deep rooted historical significance. In Malay, it is known as Jalan Hang Jebat. During Dutch colonial period of Malacca, it was known as Heeren Street. Later, Heeren Street transformed into Noblemen’s Street. It became one of the significant streets in the history of Malacca, Malaysia. People from other regions of Malaysia visit Jonker Walk situated on the Chinatown streets of Malaysia. It displays its significance in terms of cultural and ethnic flavor. After Dutch colonial rule, the rich Peranakans used to live on the Jonker Walk. Eventually, the Jonker Walk transformed into a Peranakan cultural hub as they started trading goods and other commodities. The Jonker Walk is known for its shops and traders. Tourists prefer such destinations as the goods sold in Jonker Street are cheap and possess unique value. The night market on Jonker Walk has its own significance as tourists often visit the market to buy goods of importance. Some of the goods sold in the market include antiques, textiles, souvenirs and other articles.

Features of Jonkar Walk

The shops on the Jonker Walk start across the Malacca River near Stadthuys. The Jonker Walk stretches long as the traders and shops are situated on both sides of the road. It is said that the houses located on Jonker Walk were build in 17th century. Tourists prefer to explore these pre historic houses and buy souvenirs for their loved ones. The shops on the Jonker Walk are also known for its handicraft items and relics. As compared to other markers, the night market on Jonker Walk is preferred due to its feasibility in bargaining and precious antique collection which dates back more than 300 hundred years ago.


Historical Significance of Jonker Walk

Nowadays, Jonker Walk has several cafes and crafts shops which cater the demands of tourists for food and beverages. These cafes offer tea and coffee to the tourists in the morning and several delectable Peranakan snacks in the evening. The Jonker Walk is usually closed during night for traffic as tourists and local people stroll around the market in night with their families for shopping. The Food Hawkers of the Jonker Walk serves delectable dishes to its customers. Many people in Malacca often witnesses fortune tellers and trinket sellers on the street of the Jonker Walk. People visit the Jonker Walk in the evening as it is lit by colorful lights bearing beautiful colors. Tourists in Malacca are often attracted to such places.


Planning to head down to Jonker Walk, Malacca? 

Here is some TIPS+ ESSENTIAL INFORMATION if you are planning to head towards Jonker Walk, Malacca anytime soon.

What is the best time to explore Jonker Walk? The Night Market of the Jonker Walk starts from 6 PM on every Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

How to get to Jonker Walk? Jonker Walk is centrally located in Malacca so one can hire private taxis or walk by foot to the market complex

Address : Jonker Walk, Malacca

Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia