The Christ Church of Malacca is one of the greatest churches in the history of Malaysia. Its flawless architectural designs are inspired from Dutch colonial rule. The Dutch built the church with great care and dedication. It is considered as one of the prominent historical structure in Malacca, Malaysia. Tourists from the entire world visit Christ Church to view its magnificent red building with white cross on the top. The white cross symbolizes the significance of Christianity in Malacca. It is believed that the Dutch build the church in 1753 during occupation of Malacca.

Significance of Christ Church

Tourists and locals visit the Christ Church with full exuberance and explore its intricate interior which comprises of plaques, decorative fanlights, pews etc from Dutch era. The completion of the Christ Church took several years as it replaced the Bovenkerk church in 1753. The Bovenkerk church is situated at the summit of the St. Paul Hill. Upon conquest of Malacca, the Portuguese build the church and named it as St. Paul Church. In 1641, the Dutch kicked Portuguese out of Malacca resulting to Dutch reformation of all existing churches in Malacca including St. Paul Church which was later renamed as Bovenkerk church. It was considered as one of the prime churches in Malacca during Dutch era.

The Christ Church was handed over to the British during signing of the Anglo Dutch Treaty of 1824. Rt. Rev Daniel Wilson of the Anglic Bishop of Calcutta renamed the Christ Church as the Church of England during re-consecration ceremony. The British East India Company took great care of the church and later it was handed over to the government of the Straits of Settlements in 1858.


Historical Tombs and Artifacts

The Church was painted red with relevance to the nearby Stadthys buildings. Originally, the Christ Church was painted white and it denotes the significance of the Dutch era in Malacca, Malaysia. The floor of the Christ Church has several artifacts and tombstones. These tombstones are designed with inscriptions of Portuguese and Armenian origins. These tombs are placed inside the church resembling the Dutch period. The Church bell has an inscription dated 1698 which shows that the church bell was used in pre historic times of Malacca. It was built before the Christ Church was established. Tourists exploring the Christ Church find it quite interesting to learn about the historical significance of the church. The Church also possess administrative records with a collection of Kerk Book, Resolute Book and several other books of significant importance.


Planning to head down to Christ Church, Malacca? 

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What is the best time to explore Christ Church? People can explore anytime during the visiting hours.

How to get to Christ Church? One can hire private taxis or buses and drop off point at Stadthuys Complex to reach the church

Address : Christ Church, Malacca

Gereja Christ, Jalan Gereja, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia