Kuala Perlis is known for its amazing dining experience starting from some of the most delicious sea foods. One of the sea foods of Kuala Perlis which has gained popularity among the tourists is Laksa. Laksa is a spicy noodle or rice soup prepared with coconut milk, vermicelli etc. Tourists visiting Kuala Perlis are advised to taste the Peranakan cuisine which has its origins from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia etc. It has some of the finest cuisine restaurants specialized for seafood cooked in different manner such as sauté, fried, seasoned, cooked etc.

Apart from delicious cuisines, Kuala Perlis is geographically the largest town in the Perlis. It is situated close to Thailand in the north western peninsula of Malaysia. It’s proximity to Thailand helps it to gain added advantage in terms of growth in businesses, retail outlets, shopping malls etc.


Exquisite Places to visit near Kuala Perlis

1. Alor Star – It is one of the glamorous state capitals of Kedah. Tourists visit it to enjoy once in a lifetime view of the city around it. It has some of the best restaurants with revolving facility along with amphitheater etc.

2. Hat Yai – Another beautiful place to visit throughout the year. Its scenic view of buildings mesmerizes tourists from around the world. Hatyai is one of the largest cities in Thailand with developed architecture and modern lifestyle.

3. Pulau Langkawi – Tourists can visit the Beautiful Island of Pulau Langkawi situated 30 kilometers from the mainland. It offers an experience of lifetime with amazing activities and fun. It consists of 99 islands situated near the Andaman Sea.

4. Phuket – It is another great tourist destination located in the southern Thailand facing Andaman Sea. Phuket is connected with road bridges at the tip of Phang Nga region. Tourists prefer to travel Phuket each year due to its amazing shopping malls and entertainment complexes.


Travel by Bus

Kuala Perlis is one of the widely travelled destinations in north western Malaysia due to its exquisite location near Thailand. Most of the tourists prefer to travel through bus as it offers economical and relaxing option to travel safely. The bus terminal in Kuala Perlis is situated close to Ferry Terminal which offers magnificent rides to Aloe Setar or Butterworth. It also connects Kuala Lumpur through Etika Delta Express which has established itself as one of the prominent bus service provider. The bus terminals are generally crowded with tourists and local people. The fleets of buses operating in Kuala Perlis have modern facilities like private entertainment, air conditioning etc. The passengers enjoy the scenic view of the small villages, towns of Kuala Perlis while traveling via bus. Kuala Perlis is also known as a fishing town as its fishermen is often seen mending their fish nets prior venturing in the sea. Moreover, Plusliner in Kuala Perlis provides exceptional bus services from Butterworth. Its ticket office is located at the terminal in Kuala Perlis. It is advisable for tourists to book their journey in advance to enjoy lifetime experience of Kuala Perlis.