Terengganu which was previously known as Trengganu or Tringganu is a constitutive state of the Malaysia. In Arabic honorific the state is also known as Darul Iman. It is also a tourism place in Malaysia. And there are many tourist attractions in this place. People visit the place for some attractive palaces and museums which are known worldwide. Some of the places and their specialty are being mentioned in here.


Crystal Mosque

which is very famous and popular all very the place and is also a tourist attractions. The mosque is located in the Islamic heritage park and it is made up of steel glass and crystal. On an island Wan Man it is located in a very scenic place which allures the tourist towards it.

Taman Tamadun Island

It is an Islamic heritage park which has all the religious information of the religion Islam and has many things to see over an island. The entire island is being made in such a way that it is a very attractive place for the tourist to visit. Moreover they also hold many cruises with their members and the tourist and also shares the important events as per the Islamic calendar.

Floating mosque

The name of the floating mosque is the Tengku Tengah Zaharah Mosque. And it is a real floating mosque. Situated in Kuala Ibai Lagoon in the estuary of the Kuala River, which is 4 km from Kuala Terengganu town.

Sultan Mahmud power station

It is a hydroelectric power station in the kenyir lake and is located 50 km southeast. It is constructed based on the flood mitigation scheme. It uses four turbines each of power of hundred megawatt. It has a power supply of 165 Mega watts.

Sultan Mahmud bridge

It is a bridge in Kuala Terengganu which crosses the Twerengganu River. It is also known as Jamb tan sultan Mahmud, which was constructed in the year 1988. An annual bridge run is held every year in the month of September and is organized by the state government.

Biodong Island

It is situated over an area of one square kilometer and is on the caost of Terengganu in the South China Sea. It is fully accessible from the coastal town of Merang. Some refugees are the inhabitant of these area and the island is a tourism places which attracts a lot of tourist for its scenic beauty and the calm and cool surroundings.

Istana maziah

It is the official palace of the sultan of the Terengganu, located at a very beautiful place of Bukit Puteri in Kuala Terengganu. The place is the official venue for the royal birthdays, royal weddings and any other events.

Duyong Island

Acoastal island in the Terengganu river which is a resort place for the tourist.

Abiding mosque

Attractive and large mosque which is being preferred to pray at by the local people and the visitors

Terengganu inscription stone

The inscription stone has much information inscribed in it and has many things about the state of Terengganu.