Malaysia truly Asia! This proverb has been universal among almost all. There is a small place namely Selangor which is considered to be among the top magnets for attracting tourists. As this state is among the richest and most developed in the whole country, it will be better to plan a trip to this place during the vacations.

If you be to Selangor, then do not make the mistake of missing out these Top 10 Attractions in Selangor places. An exposure to these places will make your tour a memorable one:



A home to the 10 Formula One Circuits in Asia! It is also famous by the name of Sepang International Circuit. Tickets can be easily purchased from the counter which will enable easy viewing of flash bike and one-seated auto races.

Kuala Selangor

The capital of the Selangor district which is known for the Berembang trees which are home to fireflies. The night time in the absence of full moon and rain, will be the best suited to get an exposure towards the attractiveness of the lighting up of fireflies.

Shah Alam

The Mosque of the Sultan, Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah is the point of attraction for tourists. It is also famous by the name of Blue Mosque due to the presence of the blue dome. It is known to be the largest mosque in Malaysia and the biggest in the world.

Subang Jaya

An affluent city in Selangor famous for the exceptional shopping destination! It is the first shopping center since 1988. A home to international banks and outlets along with the striking Sunway Pyramid as well as Carrefour!


Kajang is also known as the Satay City of Malaysia. It is famous among the people for holding the bigger chunks of meat along with varieties of peanut sauces, cucumbers and onions. The addition of red chili paste enhances the taste.

Batu Caves

A limestone hill which comprise of a series of caves and cave temples. It inherited its name from the Sungai Batu River which flows past the hill. Most popular shrines for Hindus outside India and is dedicated to Lord Murugan.

FO Guang Shan Dong Zen Temple

This temple is treated to be a quite place which will provide peace to mind. The organization of the lanterns festival made this place famous. It also includes accommodation, exhibition hall, stage, gardens and other lively facilities for public.

Redang Beach

Redang Beach is considered to be among the smallest beaches in comparison to other beaches in Malaysia. But fresh air along with open space will attract your mind. When it comes to the food collection, it is really incomparable.

Ampang Recreational Forest

An excellent low cost place to visit in Selangor! It is a lowland dipterocarp forest which derived its name from the Ampang River which is famous for the natural sites which includes stream and shady playgrounds for outings.

Shalini Ganendra Fine Art

A huge open gallery comprised of Asian Art along with green living. The peaceful environment enhances the tranquility of the hidden space. Completely free from hustle and bustle of city!