Holidays are something which is always welcomed with an open heart. Plan out a holiday to a Malaysian state called Sarawak. It’s a state stationed on the island of Borneo. A visit to this place encompasses a striking journey of adventure, relaxation and fun. It is an absolute discovery of culture, heritage and history. Here are the top 10 attractions in Sarawak which you should not miss.

Top 10 Attractions in Sarawak

Culture village

Customarily known for land of Hornbills (Endangered animal), you could have an opportunity to see the local tribes and enjoy the rich flora and fauna. Along with this, there is a living museum which gives you an insightful journey into the background and culture of Sarawak. The icing on the cake is indigenous houses which give you a close up to the living of the ethnic group’s daily life.

Gunung Mulu National park

This is the largest and most beautiful National park in Sarawak. It’s a heritage site, which gives you an encapsulating view of three mountains. This area is majorly dominated with dense rainforest, fast cascading rivers, vertical sharp cliffs and small jungle streams. The major attraction is the 300km stretch of snaking passage.

Fort Margherita

This old fort is a perfect arena for history lovers. As old as 1879, it is one of the most important landmark and monument owned by the state of Sarawak.

Deer Cave

It’s a major attraction which houses variety of deer’s. It is also one of the colossal caves which should not be missed.


Oldest national park, Bako is famous for bewildering natural surroundings. Filled with wildlife and rich in variety of plants, it an ideal location for nature lovers.

Jong’s crocodile farm

It was established in the year 1963 with an aim to principally breed and raise crocodiles. Converted into a zoo, you can find different types of crocodiles here along with other animals.

Batang Ai

Covering an area of 24,000 hectares, Batang Ai is an essential water catchment area. This flow of water flows peacefully and merges into a huge lake that is utilised to power a hydro electric dam. Along with beauty it houses various endangered animals.

Satang Island

It’s a strikingly beautiful island of blue water which is home to green turtles. This is a favourite place for these turtles that come here and lay eggs. You can enjoy the view with island dinner or scuba diving.

Chinese history museum

Eager to learn about the Chinese traditional skill or their origin then this is a perfect place for you. Being as old as 1912, it’s a must see place that should be included in your itenary


Lastly, this place named after a fruit is as juicy and delicious as it sounds. Centre for eco adventure and cultural experiences. You can also explore to small indigenous communities and rainforests by a ferry.