The smallest state in Malaysia, Perlis lies on the country’s northern most borders, separating the country from Thailand. Despite its limited territorial access, travellers have often considered these top 10 attractions in Perlis as a must visit because it accommodates a wide range of topographical variations – including the coast line, small hills, lake, forest reserves and much more.

Top 10 Attractions in Perlis, Malaysia

Gua Kelam

‘Cave of Darkness’ or as the name suggested by the term Gua Kelam, is the most spectacular cave in the entire country of Malaysia. This dark cave with swirling walkways was opened to public visit in 2008, by illuminating the paths with vibrant illuminations. Beware of the bats that reside inside the eerie atmosphere of the cave.

Snake and Reptile Farm

If you haven’t seen reptiles of different kinds with your bare eyes, in a large number, then the Snake and Reptile Farm in Sungai Batu Pahat is a must visit place for you. Boasting 34 different species of 200 snakes and reptiles like crocodiles, monitor lizards and iguanas, the infamous pythons and cobras, it is a place important both for tourists as well as for zoological purposes.

Tasik Melati – Recreational Park

This recreational park is built around the scenic wetlands of manmade Melati Lake. The park is never too crowded, but the scenic beauty of the place can well be enjoyed by simply taking lazy walks through the wooden walkways, as well as in a hired boat.

Masjid Terapung Al-Hussain Mosque

One of the most interesting mosque foundations in the entire Malaysia is this Al-Hussain Mosque that is located against the serene backdrop of the ocean straits. This lavishly designed mosque is situated on the very seabed and corals, pebbles, marbles and quartz adorn its walls.

Kuala Perlis

It is the entrance to the Langkawi Island. This quaint little town offers amazing seafood and if you want to go deep into the lives of the local fishermen, this is a must visit.

Wang Kelian Markets

The market is an international one as it lies on the Thai border of the country and there are specific times of the day at which both the countries open their markets.

Bukit Chuping – Rock Climbing

The Bukit Batu Reput limestone hill in the Chuping region of Perlis, near the Thai border is a heaven for rock climbers. The lush green vegetation nearby will give you a perfect company.


Probably the most popular area in Perlis attracts visitors to this ‘meeting of rivers’ where Sungai Perlis meets with its tributaries. Visit Central Market, State Museum and Heritage Hall, Alwi Mosque here.

Kota Kayang Museum

This museum between Kangar and Kuala Perlis exhibits the history of Kedah’s Sultanate. A must visit to know the local history.

Taman Herba

Located near Bukit Air Recreational Park, this herb garden is home to 1000 herbs. Know about their medical application.