Perak is one of the Malaysian states which is a hot spot for the tourist to visit. It is also the second largest state in peninsular Malaysia and has many tourist attraction places. They are full of scenic beauties and also have some history related with it and thus attract the tourists a lot. Every year thousands of tourists visit the place in order to see all these attractions and thus enjoy the visit very happily.

Here is a guide for you’re for the top 10 tourists places in Perak to visit while you tour for Malaysia.


Pangkor Island

It is an island which is very popular for its exotic beaches and a mix type of accommodations. Teluk nepah,and pasir bogak are the two famous beaches in this island which is being often visited by the tourists. Fu Ling Kong temple, kali Amman temple, tiger rock, the Dutch fort, The Tomb and the Tortoise hills are the main attraction in this island for the tourists.

Kellie’s Castle

Located in Batu Gajah, this castle is originally an unfinished mansion owned by a Scottish gardener William Kellie smith. There are many different stories which are being believed. This castle was either a gift for his wife or a living home for his son. It is connected with the main road by a small bridge over a stream. And there is atemple which has a deity beside the main deity. After the death of Kellie, his wife also returned to Scotland and it was sold to British company, Harrison and Crosfield. This mansion is very unique and so it is popular among the tourist.

The Lost World of Tambun

It is the ultimate place for the family tour to Malaysia and you can enjoy to the fullest inn this theme park a lot. There are many things which are for enjoyment for relaxing for educating and many more. So enjoy to the heart’s fullest with the holistic healing at lost world, storm rider, mining for silver at the Tin valley, big splash in cool water in hot day, bird paradise and know the nature. You can easily visit the park from 11 am to 6 pm for the weekdays and from 10 am to 6 pm on weekends.

Gua Tempurung

It is a longest cave and the cave enthusiast can spend a long journey inside the cave with exciting adventures. It is more than three kilometer long and it is the longest cave in Malaysia.

Ubudiah Mosque

A holy place for the visit of the tourist as the Muslims has their prayers at this mosque.

Birch memorial Clock Tower

The clock tower was built in the memory of the eminent people James WW Birch, the perak’s first British resident. It is an illustration of the growth of civilization

Perak Railway Station

New modern railway station which has many new advantages for the visitors and hence it needs a visit

Taiping Lake Gardens

An artificial garden which has been arranged with beautiful flowers and plants.

Perak State Museum

It is the state museum which has many things in its show and it a favorite place for the childrem

Zoo Taiping

Taiping zoo has collection of variety of animals and birds and is liked by all people.