Over the years, Penang has stood as the most favorable place for tourists to spend their vacations. Most of the tourists visiting Penang are from South East Asia namely Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia etc. Penang is situated in the northwest of peninsular Malaysia. 

Penang has various beautiful beaches along with some of the best resorts and cultural hubs. It is a preferred destination among the tourists for snorkeling, scuba diving, deep diving activities for fun and studying the marine creatures present in the sea. Penang is situated across Strait of Malacca which provides some of the greatest potentials such as improving relations with other countries in terms of trade and business. The state of Penang is bordered by Kedah in north and Perak in south. Some of the top 10 attractions of Penang are :-

top 10 attractions in penang

Penang Hill

Penang Hill is one of the leading tourist destination spots in the world. It is known for its amicable hospitality nature. Tourists travel to Penal Hill via its railway opened in 1923. Since then, the Penang Hill has contributed generously towards generating revenue through tourism for Penang, Malaysia.

Kek Lok Si

The Buddhist temple is famous for its architecture along with its charming atmosphere. People from all over the world come to Kek Lok Si to pray and experience the sensation of its prayer halls.

Penang Road

The immensely popular Penang Road situated in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia has served several hundreds of tourists and visitors each year. Most of the popular restaurant joints, hotels, clubs etc are located on the Penang Road.

Penang Snake Temple

This temple has a unique feature of praying before pit vipers with incense sticks. These vipers are extremely poisonous but still people visit them to show respect and gratitude for peaceful existence. Till now, they have never bitten anyone as it is believed that the vipers are transformed from the smell of incense.

Penang Wall Street Art

The Penang Wall Street Art is another innovative way of keeping the streets of Georgetown, Penang colorful and young. Each murals on the walls depicts a storey referring to a child or kid.

Batu Ferringhi / Feringghi Beach

The Batu Ferringhi Beach is the most admirable beach present till date. As tourist visit it to experience the sensational sunset.


Komtar is known as the tallest building in Penang with 71080 meter square in floor area.

Gurney Drive

It is the most popular sea front in Georgetown, Penang. People from office complexes often come here to eat delicious hawker food.

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

Its the home of an influential Chinese industrialist during the early 1890s, and this Mansion represents the best of 18th and 19th-century Chinese architecture.

Escape Adventure Land

It is one of the most adventurous and thrilling places available in Penang, Malaysia. Best places to visit for family holiday. Kids prefer to take part in various life changing activities such as scaling a building using rope, river crossing, flying foxes etc.