Vacation is heading to you and you should plan for a nice place to spend your vacation. Pahang may be the right choice for you. Pahang welcomes the tourists with its fantabulous beauty of nature. Let’s go for the search of the top 10 attractions in Pahang.

Pahang is situated in Malaysia and it is the largest state of the peninsula. The population is not dense in Pahang. It is rich in natural beauty. The rain forest, national parks, large lakes of freshwater, and many more attract the tourists since many years.

In Pahang there are many attractive places that welcome you to visit. Here the top 10 attractions are going to be focused for your interest.

Pahang attractions

Cherating Beach

It is the beautiful place to get the sea site. Cherating is the place of Asia’s first Club Med resort. This place is suitable for the budget travelers. Cherating beach is also popular for the nearest Cherating village which is the place of natural scenic beauty. There are many resorts other than.

Sungai Lembing

Pahang is also popular for the tin mining from the 9th century. Sungai Lembing is the off the track choice for you which has the history of tin mining. Besides the hanging bridge, the museum, and many more are the attractions of the place. 

Gua Charas

Gua Charas or the Charas Cave is the place of both the Buddha and Hindu symbols.  There is a statue of Buddha in the place.


The royal place of Pahang is Pekan where you can get a look of the royal palaces. There is polo field, golf course, the state museum also.

Pulau Tioman

Malaysia is a place of diversification in natural beauties. Hence Pahang is not an exception. There is also a volcanic island in Pahang which is called Pulau Tioman which is one of the best volcanic islands in the world.

Lake Chini

Pahang is a well known place for the freshwater lakes. Lake Chini is one of them and it is supposed to be the second largest freshwater lake in Malaysia. It is the best place to you for fishing, boating, etc.

Gunung Senyum

The word Gunung Senyum stands for the smiling mountain. It is made of limestone and contains 25 caves. If you love adventures you can visit the place.

Cameron Highlands

It is the most popular hill station of Malaysia and it welcomes you with its beautiful strawberry plants, peak of the hill station, and many more.  

Fraser’s Hill

This is the place colonial history of the hill station. You can get the fresh air and comfortable weather to stay.

Genting Highlands

Not only the natural beauty but also the modernization also welcomes you in Pahang. Genting Highlands is the place of casino. A theme park is also the place to visit.