Kelantan is another state in Malaysia located in the north east of the peninsular Malaysia. The capital of the state and the royal seat is the Kota Bharu. It is another place for the tourists and has some important and memorial place to visit which will refresh your memory about some unacceptable history of the place.  It is commonly termed as tourism zone or the history zone for the tourists. Besides having the beaches abounding the places, there are also other things to do. Ten such attractive places are being discussed in order to get the make your tour more memorable.


Istana Jahar

The Kelantan‘s capital is the Kota Bharu and it is also the royal place. Istana Jahar is the royal residence in the Kota Bharu in the country of Malaysia.Sultan Mohammed II builds the palace for his grandson Long Kundur. The palace is unique enough for its pentagon shaped Porte- cochere with the balcony in the first floor is build in such a way that the people standing there can watch the events occurring in front of the palace.

The national World War 2 museum

The museum is situated in New Orleans. And it shows akk the devotions that the United states gave as an allies during the World war 2. Its main mission is to show the American experience in the war. Visitors to the museum are allocated nearly 3 hours as a tour to the museum. A 4D movie beyond all boundaries shows the visitors an overview of the war and then the visitor can watch over the various war instructions and the war flights that are being used at that time.

Pantai Dhalan Rui

Also known as whispers beach which is south of the Kota Bharu and it is 50 km from there. It is situated near the village semerak. The pine trees along the side of the beach have the gentle breeze produces a whispering sound of the wind and thus it is commonly being called as whispers beach. Surfing activities can be done at some point of the time in the entire year in the sea. But resting ad relaxing under the pine tree enjoying the cool breeze is nothing comparable to.

Merdeka square

It is a historical place where the Malaysian flag was hoisted first time and the Union flag was lowered. Hence it is a memorial historical place situated in Kuala Lumpur.

Jalan Pantai Cahaya bulan

The kilometer zero the federal route 223which has some noticeable features like at most of the section the road is being build under the JKR R5 road standard which allow maximum speed limit up to ninety kilometer per hour.

Temenggor lake

It is the second largest lake in Malaysia and this lake is totally man made.

Kuala Krai Musuem and Mini Zoo

It is a zoo which attracts the children a lot and brings you back to the history of Kelantan.

Bank kerapu

A prominent place in Malaysia which needs to be visited while you have a tour there.

Istana Batu

It is the royal place where the royal things take place. Hence it is a good place to visit.

Pasar besar Siti Khadijah

Dont miss this place as the Malaysia is the highest place of interest related with the historical stories.