Summer temperatures are soaring high and laziness has drooled over every aspect of our life. All we can think about is cascading away from this heat to a fabulous vacation spot which is relaxing.

Malaysia has been a famous touch point for many tourists. However, a small beautiful state of Kedah has been left untouched by many. Situated in Malaysia, it’s a small state with very less population and area. But if you are looking for mental repose then this is the place for this vacation. 

Here are top 10 attractions in Kedah, which we suggest you not to miss at all.

Top 10 Attractions in Kedah, Malaysia

Bujang Valley

Kedah has been known all over for its ancient history and Bujang Valley is one such depiction. There you will get to see a lot of antiquities and dilapidations from Hindu- Buddhist civilisation.

Pulau Payar

The natural island of Pulau Payar is part of mainland Kedah situated in the Straits of Malacca.


Summers are all about cool beaches and if you are in Kedah then Langkawi would be the place you would love. A blend of 99 alluring islands, adventurous caves, jungles and mountains, its blue water and white sand beach attracts the kid in you. Well, also do not miss out on taking a ride on the cable car to get a birds view of the islands.

Sungai Sedim

It is one of the longest rainforest. The tree canopies make it the best spot for hiking and walking. It is widely known amongst people who are fond of adventure.

Mount Jerai

With a height of 3,854 feet, this peak of Kedah is a stupendous limestone protuberance. Top of the peak will guarantee you great view of straits of Malacca as well as cool breeze and fresh air. You can also visit a forest museum while on the way to the highest point.

Paddy Museum

This is knowledge centre where you would be amazed to find minute details about the rice plant. The magnetic point here is the diorama which is 360 degree. It portrays a typical rural landscape of Kedah.

Gunung Keriang

This is cave situated on the limestone hill. It also has recreational park. You will also find vendors who sell striking limestone crystals.

Alor Setar Heritage

This place has a trail of heritage sites which you can enjoy while walking yourself without a guide. Magnificent sites will make you start loving history.

Kaula Kedah Fort

While in Kedah, this is a must see. There is a popular Laksa nearby and it is also known for jumping off point for Langkawi.

Zahir Mosque

For all the spiritual people, Zahir mosque will amaze you with its beauty and serenity. It is also one of the oldest and colossal mosques in the whole of Malaysia.