The Underwater World of Sentosa is one of the major attractions for tourists with families. Kids of various age groups visit it on a regular basis. The schools & community centers coordinate with the management of the Underworld World to schedule visit their visits to the Underwater World which hosts thousands of marine creatures & species. It is owned by Haw Par Corporation which maintains the oceanarium on a regular basis. Though, it is considered one of the hectic jobs in the world as divers have to swim down inside the oceanarium and clean the mess of fishes & other marine creature. Usually, all the marine creatures are transferred to another segment of the oceanarium and then staffs & divers clean the oceanarium in & out. In spite of high expenses involved the Haw Par Corporation charges reasonable entrance fees to each guest irrespective of adult or child.

A wondrous underwater journey

The reason behind the success of the Underworld World in Sentosa is due to its wide variety of creatures starting from leopard sharks, sawfish, black tip & white tip sharks, eagle rays, golden trevallies etc. The Underwater World in Sentosa in total possesses more than twenty five hundred creatures belonging to more than two hundred fifty species. The added benefit of the Underwater World is that it offers admission to Dolphin Lagoon at Palawan Beach included in the ticket. The Dolphin Lagoon hosts range of activities such as various shows displays the aerobatic performance of the trained dolphins. Moreover, training a dolphin requires lot of hard work as they have to be groomed regularly and fed as per their requirement.


A beautiful scenery!

The unique feature of the Underwater World is its travelator which is more than two hundred and seventy two feets long equivalent to eighty three meters. Tourists moving along the travelator are thrilled to enter the submerge tunnel inside the Underwater World. The tourists are separated from the marine creatures through a six millimeter thick acrylic windowed tunnel which offers complete transparent view to its visitors moving along the tunnel. In order to avoid rush on one spot, the management board of the Underwater World had specifically installed the travelator for safety reasons.

An incredible one-stop destination for the family

Moreover, some tourists who have never experienced such magnificent view of the marine creatures are often scared to enter the tunnel. But, after seeing the happy faces of tourists along with their families, they overcome their fear of entering closed spaces and enjoy the view to its fullest. Some of them admire the beauty of the marine creatures while other prefers to click photographs of them inside the tunnel. Though, the management board often restrict people from carrying any devices which might harm the creatures but most of the time the restrictions are relaxed seeing the excitement of the tourists entering the Underwater World for the first time.


Dolphins at Under Water World, Singapore

Tourists never forget the sight of the marine creatures roaming few inches away from them. Overall, the Underwater World is truly magnificent in its own way of attracting tourists from all over the world.

Planning to make a trip to Underwater World, Singapore

Here are some TIPS+ ESSENTIAL INFORMATION if your heading towards Underwater World, Singapore anytime soon.

What are the opening hours? Its open daily from 10AM – 7PM.

Is there an admission fee?  Yes, the price for an adult is SGD29.90/pax, child is SGD20.60/pax

How to get to Underwater World, Singapore if you have no personal transport? (a) You may take an MRT to Harbourfront Station and take a walk down to VivoCity Mall and stroll down Sentosa Broadwalk. (b) Get a ride on a cab.

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Address : 80 Siloso Road, Sentosa, Singapore 098969
Contact number : +65 6275 0030