The Tiger Sky Tower is one of the highest observation deck situated in Singapore. The tower’s exotic views opens new world of exploration for viewers around the world. The tower consists of a disk like platform with maximum cabin capacity of seventy two visitors. The Tiger Sky Tower has glorified the beauty of Singapore overlooking its skyline along with Indonesia’s skyline & parts of Johor Bahru. The Tiger Sky Tower presents more exotic view during night as it is lit by fancy lights of different colors glorifying the night sky. Furthermore, the Tiger Sky Tower has an amazing height of one hundred and ten meters which is equivalent to three hundred sixty feet. The tower offers exquisite view of the Sentosa, Singapore along with its southern islands.

The Tiger Sky Tower is considered as the ideal spot

for visitors looking for leisure activities. It offers panoramic view along with air conditioned cabins which provide the ideal comfort for tourists. Tourists at Tiger Sky Tower generally click pictures from high above the ground. The most amazing feature of the tower is that it rotates slowly, thus offering scenic & breathtaking views to its tourists. It is primarily located at Sentosa and is considered as the tallest viewing tower or observatory tower in all over Singapore.


A view of Tiger Sky Tower

It is one of the ideal tourist destinations as it is suitable for every age groups. Travelers with their families often visit the tower & click pictures of them while revolving in the observatory cabin. The constructed of the splendid tower was completed within a span of 12 weeks & opened to public in 2004. Till now, it has ideally maintained its safety record. The Tiger Sky tower was closed twice for technical faults but it was generally tested more than hundred times before opening for public again.

The highest observation tower in Singapore

The height of the tower is often compared to buildings with more than fifty storeys. The most astonishing feature of the tower is that it overlooks the upcoming Resort World in Sentosa. Moreover, it is surrounded with greenery so that tourists could reconnect themselves with Mother Nature. Apart from that, the Tiger Sky Tower is managed by Sky Tower Pte Ltd which runs its daily schedule during public viewing hours. In order to raise revenue, the tower operations run private tours for schools & community centers. Moreover, it invites prospective Corporate Companies for product launch parties & other events. It also conducts special tours for weddings where bride & groom spend special evening alone while enjoying the splendid view from the top of that tower.

view from Tiger Sky Tower

The Tiger Sky Tower has remarkably affiliated with several tour companies in Sentosa where tourists are asked to spend a beautiful evening on the top of the tower prior exploring Sentosa & its beautiful beaches. The management of the Tiger Sky Tower offers special refreshing drinks for corporate companies & businesses where one could enjoy & relax their mind after stressful meetings in office. Overall, the Tiger Sky Tower has appalled tourists worldwide to visit it for once & enjoy the view.

Planning to make a trip to Tiger Sky Tower

Here are some TIPS+ ESSENTIAL INFORMATION if your heading towards Tiger Sky Tower anytime soon.

What are the opening hours? Its open daily from 9AM to 9PM

Is there an admission fee?  Yes, the price for an adult is SGD18/pax, child is SGD10/pax.

How to get to Tiger Sky Tower if you have no personal transport? (a) You may take the Sentosa bus and alight at Imbiah Lookout Bus Stop (b) Get a ride on a cab.

Click here  for directions to Tiger Sky Tower.

Address :41 Imbiah Road, Sentosa Island, Singapore 099707
Contact number: +65 6259 9288