The Night Safari is one of the most adventurous & innovate tours in Singapore. It is the world’s first nocturnal zoo and indeed one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Singapore. Exploring the Night Safari of Singapore is one of the thrilling moments for any tourists as they get to know the creatures better during nocturnal period. The tour operators avoid using spot lights as they disturb the day night cycle of the animals.

Exploring the Night Safari

The Walking Trail is one of the exotic features of the night safari where tourists generally observe the animals from a mere distance. It optimizes the level of excitement to a new level as tourists generally follow a path through the jungle observing one of the largest collections of animals. One of the most popular trails among the walking trail is the Leopard Trail which consists of wide variety of indigenous animals specially leopards roaming around. It is one of the most spectacular trails in the whole world as it has won several awards for best family experience & best leisure attraction experience.

The most exotic feature of the night safari is that the tourists walk through the natural habitat of the wild animals exploring them at a close distance. It is often classified as free ranging animals where animals can fly past over the tourists from one side to another. The Singapore Night Safari possesses two types of spectacular walk through treks in its natural habitat.

Wallaby Trail

Wallaby Trail

Apart from that, tourists can view leopards from the viewing gallery located at the observation deck which separates the viewers with a mere glass wall from the leopards. The leopards are known for their stealthy attracts upon their prey as they move around in dark shadows of trees keeping a watch for their food. Moreover, as compared to other animals, leopards have the ability to scale high rise walls & trees along with their prey. It is often advised to the tourists that they should always refrain from taunting any wild animal. The leopards showcasing themselves in the night safari of Singapore are typically of Sri Lankan origin which shows there aggressive nature upon humans & other animals.

The world’s first nocturnal zoo

Apart from Sri Lankan Leopards, the Singapore night safari also showcases clouded leopards. These leopards are seen rarely around the world as they are hunted down by the humans for their skin & bones. The Singapore Night Safari takes pride upon its animals. Among all of them, the most powerful & majestic animal is Gir Lion which can kill a prey within minutes & are often denoted as the king among all other creatures of the cat family. They mostly sleep throughout that day & are usually fed during 7-8 PM each night. Tourists who are inclined to observe animals at a close range can participate in the feeding process of the Gir Lions.

The Night Safari

The Night Safari

The walking trail of the night safari of Singapore also showcases giant flying squirrels which can fly in the air with its acrobatic wings. Tourists observing through such walking trails are often advised to maintain precautions for their own safety as such animals can fly past over their head in the middle of their tour. 

Planning to make a trip to the Night Safari

Here are some tips if your heading towards Singapore Night Safari anytime soon. 

What are the opening hours? The Night Safari is open daily from 7.30pm to 12 midnight. Last admission is at 11.00pm

What about restaurants and retail shops? They are open from 6.00pm daily. 

Admission price? Adult – $42.00 and children from 3 to 12 years old is – $28.00. Save more as these admission includes tram!

How can to get to Night Safari if you have no personal transport? You have 3 options :- (a) by city bus, get on 171 along Mandai road, and then switch to 927/926 (b) By MRT from either Ang Mo Kio, Choa Chu Kang or Woodlands station (c) by hiring a cab.

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Address :80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826
Contact number : +65 6269 3411