The Lau Pa Sat is one of the oldest markets in Singapore. It has gained its popularity due to its traditional nature & architectural significance. People visiting Lau Pa Sat have always admired its style of architecture as it is one of the prominent locations in downtown Singapore.

Market still rules despite the existence of magnificent malls 

The Central Area of Singapore is quite popular among the tourists. The Lau Pa Sat market is centrally located within the downtown area situated inside the central area of Singapore. The Lau Pa Sat market is also typically known as Telok Ayer Market. The market astonishingly serves the needs of local inhabitants along with tourists as it possesses several stores open twenty hours daily along with tailors, shoe repair & laundry. Though, nowadays we have malls everywhere with hundreds of retail outlets exhibiting international brands. These stores sell expensive branded products to its customers thus catering the needs of thousands.

Crowd at the revamped Lau Pa Sat

Crowd at the revamped Lau Pa Sat

The Telok Ayer Market has traditionally served the basic requirement of the society since British era. Till now, tourists visiting Lau Pa Sat market find it quite amusing to study its architectural intricacies which involve intricate detailing in roof along with the column structures of the market. These architectural designs on the market roofs & columns have engrossed visitors from far off places. The typical Victorian architectural designs throughout the market have significantly increased the potential number of customers over all these years. The market’s typical cast iron structures are octagonal in shape as they are quite sturdy & strong. These structures were manufactured in Glasgow, United Kingdom & designed meticulously by James Mac Ritchie keeping in mind it’s hefty load carrying capacity while installing it in the market.

One heady experience – a blend of history, architecture & scrumptious local food


Locals & tourists enjoying their delicious meals!

The unique feature of the market which attracts potential customers is its live band which plays musical instruments & entertains its crowd of spectators each evening. Foreign tourists visiting the market for the first time prefers to listen to such bands. They find it quite amusing to watch a band playing music in the middle of a market as it’s quite unique compared to other markets in the world. Moreover, the striking feature of the Lau Pa Sat market is its seating capacity. We often find our toes aching while walking for several hours especially with family. But, the Lau Pa Sat is one of the preferred destinations for foodies as it has special arrangements for sitting under the Vistorian rooftop or open sky. Moreover, these seating arrangements also act as a favorable place for meeting colleagues & friends.

The Lau Pa Sat market is also known for its delicious food available through various stalls. These food stalls in the market mainly offer Singaporean dishes as they known for their flavors & taste. Tourists visiting the market for the first time prefer to dig into these stalls as they provide some of the cheapest food throughout the central area of Singapore. Regular market visitors prefer Satay prepared from specific stalls as it invigorates their taste buds. Overall, Lau Pa Sat or Telok Ayer Market is truly an exceptional place to visit.

Planning to head down to Lau Pa Sat? 

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When is the market open? Well, well, it operates 24 hours! 

How to get to Lau Pa Sat? (a) By MRT – disembark at Raffles Place and take the Exit I, you pass through a long tunnel and as you follow the signs, you will be able to see the market (b) get on cab ride! 

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Address :18 Raffles Quay, Singapore 048582
Contact number : +65 6220 2138