The Jurong Bird Park in Singapore is one of the renowned places in all over Singapore. Its exquisite variety of birds has attracted visitors from all over the world. Tourists typically visiting Singapore from Malaysia & Indonesia prefer to visit such places with their families. Tourists visiting Jurong Bird Park from other countries find it quite amazing as it encompasses their love for Mother Nature & its unique creatures. Jurong Bird Park is the most desirable place for bird watchers as they are often inclined to visit such places again & again. The Jurong Bird Park is situated over Jurong Hills spread over sprawling area of more than 50 acres. The Singaporean administration has designed the park exclusively for birds so that they could feel themselves at home with additional features such as lake & natural food resources.

A place to be for all parrot lovers 

The Jurong Bird Park displays quite a remarkable bunch of rare birds such as Australian pelican, Barn Owl, Black Hornbill, Saddled billed stock, Yellow hooded blackbird etc. For entertainment of its guests, the Jurong Bird Park also demonstrates bird shows which have attracted visitors from all over the world. The High Flyers Bird Show is one of the famous & attractive shows in all over Singapore. It highlights the birds performing all together in a group formation. The High Flyer Bird Show is often referred as the largest performing act in the whole world where large number of birds showcases their performance in a single act. This show is cherished worldwide for its unique style & nature. Apart from that, other acts such as cockatoos mimicking human dialect is another common act followed all over the world. But, the Jurong Bird Park presents its cockatoos in a unique style displaying more accuracy in terms of mimicking speech. Most importantly, all the rate birds including cockatoos are well groomed & trained. They are fed properly along with proper facilities.

Colourful parrots at Jurong Bird Park

Colourful parrots at Jurong Bird Park

Tourists visiting the Jurong Bird Park for first time learn about the livelihood & natural behavior of birds. Some of them prefer to watch popular shows in Jurong Bird Park namely Kings of the Skies Show which demonstrates Hawks, Eagles, Falcons etc flying high in magnificent aerial loops thereby entertaining the guests. These birds possess special potential to detect their prey on the ground from high skies. Moreover, some of them showcase their huge wingspan measuring more than 3 meters in length. They are often referred as the birds of the prey due to their meticulous nature of hunting down their own prey on the ground.

The flamingo lake in Jurong BirdPark, Singapore

The flamingo lake in Jurong BirdPark, Singapore

A peaceful stroll through the Jurong Bird Park

The Jurong Bird Park is spread over a huge area consisting of lakes & natural habitat. One of the most popular lakes is the Flamingo Lake which houses hundreds of flamingo floating on the lake. It presents an exotic view for the myriad travelers looking for a typical spot to relax. The beautiful site of these flamingos by the lake has prompted several tourists to click pictures of themselves & spend a memorable evening with their friends & family.   

Planning to make a trip to Jurong Bird Park

Here are some TIPS+ ESSENTIAL INFORMATION if your heading towards Jurong Bird Park, Singapore anytime soon.

What are the opening hours? Its open daily from 8.30AM – 6PM. 

Is there an admission fee? Yes, the price for an adult is SGD28, child is SGD18 and for senior citizens it would be SGD12 per ticket.

How to get to Jurong Bird Park if you have no personal transport? (a) By Mrt – the nearest MRT station is at Boon Lay. You may get down there and take a connecting bus with the bus no.194 or 251. (b) Bus services are provided from selected locations such as Orchard Road and Little India. Please refer here for the bus schedule. (c) Get a ride on a cab

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Address : 2 Jurong Hill, Singapore 628925
Contact number : +65 6265 0022