The incredible Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum in Singapore is immensely popular among its Buddhist devotees, local inhabitants & foreign tourists. The Buddhist believe that the tooth relic of Buddha possess immense power to ward off evil energy. Several historical battles were fought to claim the Tooth Relic of Buddha but none had been successful ever.

The Buddha tooth relic was passed upon time to time from one location to another. The original Tooth Relic temple was first constructed in Sri Lanka where Buddha himself declared once that the region would be safe for next five thousand years. The tooth sanctuary is delicately preserving all these years in spite of invasions from several foreign armies. The sacred tooth of Buddha represents the Buddha in a living form.

A Tang-Styled Chinese Buddhist Temple in the core of Chinatown


Beautiful architecture of Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Tourists often visit the incredible tooth relic temple of Buddha located at the Chinatown district of Singapore. It was officially opened for public in 2007. Tourists from all over the world admire its beautiful architectural designs along with inscription of Lord Buddha along the inner walls of the temple. Moreover, the temple also houses a museum which displays the simple life of Lord Buddha along with his followers. The tooth relic temple of Lord Buddha immensely gained its popularity after its launch in Chinatown. It is said that the temple houses a relic of Lord Buddha found from a collapsed stupa in Mayanmar in 1980. Thousands of religious worshipers flock to the temple entrance each year to pray in front of the relic of Lord Buddha shown in living form.

Knowing Lord Buddha- the founder of the great religious philosophy of Buddhism

People of Singapore cherish Lord Buddha for his peaceful & calm nature. They admire his remarkable journey from childhood to sainthood. Lord Buddha is regarded as the religious figure of moral conscience for most Singaporeans. They always pay a visit to his relic temple situated in Chinatown once a week. Those who live & work in metro cities often face with stressful atmosphere of meetings & projects. But, it is generally believed that Lord Buddha removes all obstacles & keeps the mind calm.

Prayers offered by monks

Prayers offered by monks

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum in Singapore serves purely vegetarian food in the basement of the temple. Moreover, the temple management receives donations from all over the world for proper maintenance of the temple along with facilities for its devotees. It also serves humanitarian purpose in Singapore by preparing weekly meal for people in need. Furthermore, people visiting the temple on daily basis can take part in hosting its ceremonies which include peaceful prayers by devotees of the temple.

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum is so popular among its devotees worldwide that it receives donations in terms of gold & different currencies. It presently houses the Sacred Buddha Tooth Relic in a stupa which has been covered with three hundred and twenty kilograms of gold donated by devotees worldwide weighing 3.5 tones. The temple management takes pride in designing its temple in accordance with the historical designs found in other countries. It is truly an amazing experience to visit the temple again & again.

Planning to make a trip to Buddha Relic Temple & Museum

Here are some TIPS+ ESSENTIAL INFORMATION if your heading towards Buddha Relic Temple & Museum, Singapore anytime soon.

What are the opening hours? Its open daily from 7AM – 7PM and the admission is FREE!

What about other places in there? Buddhist Culture Museum opens daily from 9AM to 6PM ; Eminent Sangha Museum opens daily from 7AM – 7PM

What should I wear to the temple? You will need to wear appropriate clothing and do try and avoid mini skirts, shorts, off-shoulders and bare backs. 

Can i bring my own food and eat there? Yes, you may but only vegetarian food is allowed. 

How to get to Buddha Relic Temple & Museum if you have no personal transport? (a) You may take an MRT to Chinatown and then take the Exit A, which is at Pagoda Street. From there, take a right turn at south Bridge Road. (b) Get a ride on a cab

Click here for directions to Buddha Relic Temple & Museum. 

Address : 288 S Bridge Rd, Singapore 058840
Contact number : +65 6220 0220