The National Zoo of Malaysia is known for its exquisite variety of exhibits one after another. The Zoo Negara is a proud member of the South East Asian Zoo Association also known as SEAZA in short. Due to its amazing transformation in terms of conversation of wild life animals & advancement in research has led it to receive MS ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2007. It has progressed immensely since in inception and has led to transformation in terms of science & technology.

Exhibits at Zoo Negara

Nowadays, it allows research students from zoology, biology, veterinary etc. to conduct their research at the zoo over more than four hundred species of animals along with species bought from other countries. It led to rapid development in terms of well being of the animals leading us towards vast knowledge.

Some of the exhibits of the National Zoo of Malaysia which grabbed attention from all over the world are Giant Panda Conservation Center. As we all know that giant pandas are quite rare and they could be found at south central China. They are currently denoted as an endangered species as they could be found only in south central China.

A captive orangutan at Zoo Negara, Kuala Lumpur

A captive orangutan at Zoo Negara, Kuala Lumpur

The giant panda could be distinguished by large black patches around its eyes, ears & over the body. They are quite a crowd puller as tourists with their families visit the Giant Panda Conservation Center in Malaysia to watch the pandas eating fine bamboos in their natural habitat. They are currently taken care with strict measures and are fed honey, eggs, yams, oranges, bananas etc. These peaceful species were endangered due to farming, deforestation & other practices being conducted in China. Now, slowly after all these years, the numbers of giant pandas are increasing worldwide.

Flora & Fauna – all in Zoo Negara

The Zoo Negara is also famous for its butterfly garden which exhibits beautiful butterflies roaming around the flowering plants and trees. Though, they might not seem so important due to their smaller size but they play an important role for the survival of human beings along with other vertebrates around the world.

Flocks of bird at Zoo Negara

Flocks of bird at Zoo Negara

The Amphibian World is also quite famous for its amazing collection of amphibians in the National Zoo of Malaysia. They include several hundred species of salamander, frogs, toads,caecilians etc. Amphibians are important part of the ecosystem as they exothermic vertebrates. They are generally born in water as they possess gills and tails at the initial phase of their life. Later on, they develop lungs along with legs to continue their life on land. The unique feature of the amphibian has always been an interest for biologists & scientists who look for incriminating new ways to develop lungs artificially.

Apart from amphibians, the National Zoo of Malaysia demonstrates its bunch of hornbill classified as one of the species endangered from illegal human hunting. The Malaysian authorities have dedicated a Hornbill Center to study their characteristic along with nesting behavior. The female hornbills generally receive food from male hornbills. The success of Zoo Negara depends upon the knowledge gained from the unique behavioral pattern of each species.

Planning to make a trip to Zoo Negara, KL

Here are some TIPS+ ESSENTIAL INFORMATION if your heading towards Zoo Negara, KL anytime soon.

What are the opening hours? Its open daily from 9AM to 5PM.

What about restaurants and ssouvenir shops? There are a few cafeteria and a zoovenier shop for visitors to shop get some memories back home.

Admission price? Adult – RM32.00 and children from 3 to 12 years old is – RM11.00, while senior citizens is RM16.

How to get to Zoo Negara if you have no personal transport? You have 2 options :- (a) by LRT – you can alight at Wangsa Maju Station, Kelana Jaya Line and from there, you may board a taxi to Zoo Negara (b) By Metrobus number 16 from Sentral Market, KL or with Rapid KL number34 from Putra LRT Station, Wangsamaju, KL.

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Address :68000 Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia
Contact number : +60 3-4108 3422