The Penang Wall Street Art is world famous for its originality. The pictures drawn on the walls of houses, doors, lamp post and numerous other places show the originality of the Penang Wall Street Art. It requires quite a talent to draw such wall paintings with accuracy and authenticity. Tourists from different parts of Malaysia visit specific streets on Georgetown, Penang to get a glimpse of such wonderful art. People are often amazed to watch its realistic nature and adaptation to the real day to day life. The art drawn on the wall is of such high standards that only one glimpse is required to judge them. Moreover, it also shows the caliber of critical thinking of the artist himself. One such artist who has drawn several Wall Street art in the Georgetown is Ernest Zacharevic. He also owns a studio of his own in the vicinity of Georgetown. The street wall art drawn by him has a meaning to itself as each one of them imply a special message to its viewers. For example, the mural drawn on Armenian Street, Georgetown, Penang shows a little girl with her little brother on a bicycle much bigger than their size ratio. But, the little girl manages to ride the cycle while her brother is clinging to her in the back. Moreover, surprisingly, the cycle shown on the wall is not drawn whereas the children are shown riding on it. Such types of murals are drawn everywhere with sensational images resembling to our day to day life activities.

Penang Wall Street Art

Penang Wall Street Art

Types of Murals

One can watch a mural of an elderly man seating on a trishaw from the rooms of Hotel Peking situated on Penang Road, Georgetown, Penang. The mural is termed as the Awaiting Trishaw Paddler. It requires lot of hard work and dedication to draw each mural of such size and nature. One has to be flexible in order to draw each of these murals while standing on a structure of bamboo or pipes. But, the great deal of ordeal on the part of the artist pays off when the onlookers and tourists admire the murals drawn on the walls. Another exceptional mural drawn on the cannon street of Georgetown is Reaching Up Mural. It depicts a young boy standing on stool stretching his arms to reach something kept high above in the wall. The astonishing feature of this mural is that the stool drawn is real in nature while the boy is drawn by the artist.

Penang Wall Street Art

Penang Wall Street Art

Where are these murals located?

These murals are located everywhere in Georgetown, Penang. Tourists usually roam around the streets to get a view of each mural. These murals can be found near Lebuh China, Old Penang Guesthouse, Red Inn Penang, Jalan Masjid Kapian Keling, Jalan Muntri, Jalan Kuala Kangsar and all other streets situated in Georgetown, Penang. Once can see each one of the murals by walking or renting a bike in Georgetown. It is advised for tourists to visit Armenian Street in Georgetown where most of the murals are located.

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What is the best time to explore Penang Wall Street Art? You can visit Penang Wall Street Art anytime of the day, preferably in the from morning to evening. 

How to get to Penang Wall Street Art? You can take the ferry from mainland and rapid Penang bus.

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Address: 10450 George Town, Penang, Malaysia