The Penang Road is famous for its restaurants, bars, hotels, clubs, shopping centers etc. The road stretches from the Farquhar Street in the north to Komplex Tun Abdul Razak in the southern end. It is considered as the most important road till date as it involves multiple attractions such as the Komtar – Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak Tower which is situated at the junction of the Macalister Road. The most popular section of the Penang road is its upper section which involves the several tourist friendly places along with multiple greenery options. Tourists find the Penang Road quite charming as it is one of the most fascinated roads in the history of Penang. As per administration point of view, the Penang Road is considered quite a challenge to tackle the incoming flow of traffic along with number of pedestrians who visit the Penang Road everyday for dining and shopping experience.

The Penang Road is also known as the Jalan Penang in Malay situated in the Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia. All important tourist attractions of Georgetown are interconnected through the Penang Road. During night, the Penang road lit like a majestic bright section in the upper echelons of Penang, Malaysia.


One of the busiest roads in George Town.

Popular Places to Visit on the Penang Road

The Penang Road has several tourist friendly places connected to it such as the Party Street which generates revenue like no other streets as it hosts range of nightclubs and restaurants like City Bayview Hotel along with modern upscale restaurants, karaoke joints etc. The Party Street is also known for its fashion boutiques with range of antique shops. The hawkers on the Penang Road sell nasi kandar outside the bars and night clubs. These clubs are also famous for their pina coladas and margaritas. These margaritas has been cherished by tourists from time to time.

Another popular visit on Penang Road is the Penang Street Market. The market is known for selling quality products at reasonable price range. The tourists visiting the market often bargain at their favorable price. The little market is also known as the Bargains Galore. The market also termed as bazaar was started as a little community project in 2006 which has now emerged as a roaring success. The products sold at the bazaar are crafts and food. The bazaar takes place every last Sunday of the month and also hosts range of cultural shows. These shows and live music performances thrill the tourists visiting the bazaar for the first time. The bazaar also includes books and visual arts display which mesmerizes the people surrounding the bazaar from all ends. Moreover, the bazaar itself stimulates the atmosphere resulting to chores of crowds.


A large wall mural at Penang Road, George Town.

How to get there?

The Penang Road is situated at the 10200 George Town. It stretches from north to south. The feasibility in the transport system enhances people to move around easily specially through buses. The final section of the Penang Road runs from Jalan Burma to Magazine Road. This section of the road involves Ong Kongsi which is one of the oldest clan temples.

Planning to head down to Penang Road?

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What is the best time to explore Penang Road? Anytime of the day.

How to get to Penang Road? (a) One can easily reach the Penang Hill by taking a Rapid bus 10, 11, 101, 103, 104, 201, 202, 203, 204, 206, 301 and 302 (b) Take a cab ride.

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