The Mount Kinabalu is considered as the world heritage site for its pristine nature & grasslands surrounding it. It is strategically situated in the eastern region of Peninsular Malaysia. Mount Kinabalu offers exotic climbs for its tourists throughout the year. It has several climbing routes from the base to the peak. It is situated in the island of Borneo located in the state of Sabah, and a 2 hour ride from the Kota Kinabalu town.

Adventurous Climb of Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia

The Mount Kinabalu is avidly popular among the bunch of tourists coming from far off places due to its flexibility in climbing. Moreover, it is open for all age groups except minors as its climbing routes are quite straightforward except few regions where the stones are not stable & slippery in nature. The peak of Mount Kinabalu is positioned at a staggering height of four thousand ninety five meters equivalent to thirteen thousand four hundred thirty five feet. Its prominent height has attracted mountaineers & nature lovers from all across the world.

Nature lovers at Mount Kinabalu find it quite amusing to observe hundreds of species of plants, birds, mammals etc. Its exquisite plants possess medicinal values for human beings while the birds & mammals maintain the bio diversity of the region. It is crucial for us to maintain the ecosphere along with the natural habitat of all creatures in its pristine form. The Mount Kinabalu possesses wide variety of flora & fauna due to which it was presented with the title of World Heritage Site from UNESCO. Currently, Mount Kinabalu possesses more than five thousand species of plants, three hundred and twenty six species of birds & more than hundred species of mammals.

Sunrise at Mount Kinabalu

Sunrise at Mount Kinabalu

Attractions to not be missed at Mount Kinabalu

The Mount Kinabalu is famous for its Orangutans & Rafflesia plants. The orangutans are one of the peaceful species available in the Borneo Island but unfortunately they are on the verge of extinction due to excessive illegal hunting by poachers for orangutan parts for medicinal value. The Malaysian administration has taken strict measures to curb the illegal poaching activities resulting to high inflow of tourists to the island of Borneo.

Hiking at Mount Kinabalu

Hiking at Mount Kinabalu

These tourists specifically come from myriad places to experience the natural beauty of the Mount Kinabalu. The summit of Mount Kinabalu is also known as the Low’s Peak which could be easily climbed by any visiting tourists due to its feasibility on the central route. Furthermore, tourists visiting Mount Kinabalu requires no mountaineering skills as it any person with good health & flexible body can climb easily without any professional help. This feature of Mount Kinabalu attracts tourists to climb through different routes of Mount Kinabalu again & again.

The Mount Kinabalu is known for its abundant biodiversity which involves wide variety of biological and botanical species. These species have extensive relevance to Himalayan & Indomalayan origin. Several geologists from various countries have taken keen interest in studying the unique geography if Mount Kinabalu as it possesses igneous rocks and ultra-basic rocks. These rocks depict how the mountain came into existence along with its vast species of plants & trees. In a nut shell, Mount Kinabalu has the accurate prospective to be one of the heritage tourist destinations around the world.

Planning to make a trip to Mount Kinabalu

Here are some TIPS+ ESSENTIAL INFORMATION if your heading towards Mount Kinabalu, Sabah anytime soon.

How long does it take to complete Mount Kinabalu climb? It takes approximately 2 Days 1 Night to complete it. 

What are the activities at Mount Kinabalu? You can do hiking, trekking, small days tours & heaps more.

How to get to Singapore Flyer if you have no personal transport? (a) By bus, if your at padang Mereka, you can catch a bus to Kota Kinabalu Park. (b) Take a ride by cab

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Address :Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Contact number : (+6) 088-448-709