Legoland is an international theme park in Malaysia and is one of the fastest growing tourist attractions. It is located in the area outside the capital of Kuala Lumpur and can be reached through a variety of public transport. Be it with your friends or family, Legoland has a lot to offer.

Legoland Malaysia continues to post excellent numbers for a new sea life aquarium. With more than 40 attractions and fun-packed rides, you may love to have a second day experience. Legoland has continued to expand well beyond its original rides and The ego-themed attractions will be opened soon. The layout of Legoland will start with a traditional Legoland sight. Big shop is the largest store in Legoland that sell toys, books, DVDs, Lego building and games.

The main attraction of Lego building is that visitors can build houses, skyscrapers, cars etc. You can even test them out. Robotics and Lego computer games are the other attractions of Legoland. Lego Duplo playrooms have an interactive kids area meant for kids of 2-6 years, where they can play with imaginary attractions. Castle hill located behind the Lego Knights and princess themed castle is a must to visit attraction of Legoland.

When you are in Malaysia, you probably might be looking for the best mode of transport to travel around. It is better to choose affordable transport methods such as bus, as it gives your pleasure and comfort without spending much. You can book bus tickets online from to enjoy the trip. One can even take a bus from Singapore to Legoland which will take you hardly 1 hour plus. You can book tickets and start off as soon as you reach the place. With ample legroom and preferred seats, you can enjoy visiting Legoland. Moreover, moving the luggage around will be much easier if you travel by bus. All the attractions in Legoland are accessible by road and you can travel in a convenient way, if you book tickets in advance.