Kuala Lumpur is the federal capital of the Malaysian government.It is the most populous city that dates it’s roots back to 1850s when it began as a small mining center under the Malaysian chief,Klang.However it thrived to a huge city that is now the economic hub of Malaysia due to the presence of the Malaysia Exchange,Bursa Malaysia.Culture in Kuala Lumpur is delicately set to suit everyone from the globe.

Tourist attractions are well laid in this posh city.It’s great architecture has made some of the buildings iconic in the world. The Petronas Twin Tower that stands majestically at a height of 452 meters is among the worlds tallest buildings. The city also boasts of Kuala Lumpur Tower that is 421 meters tall. Also the Merdeka square, House of Parliament are among the attractive buildings. Religious sites too include Jamek Mosque and the Batu Caves.

Kuala Lumpur is best served with express and state buses that are modern and classy.They are fitted with luxurious seats and gadgets that may include screens and game consoles. Some of the popular routes to this city is from by bus from Singapore to KL ,bus from Melaka to KL, bus from Ipoh to KL, bus from Penang to KL and heaps more. Local buses offer good facilities. One can always book a bus to Kuala Lumpur through Malaysia and Singapore largest online bus ticketing website, Easybook.com.

Getting around is easy due to presence of information booths that one can pick a route map and information about various seasoned travels.The city is mainly serviced by Rapid KL and Metropolitan buses.They operate smoothly since there are more than a six bus stations present like Pudu Sentral bus station in Jalan Pudu. Inexpensive air-conditioned taxis are also reliable together with LRT systems.