Indonesia is among the best nations on Earth for travelling as well as enjoying with family and friends. Indonesia is the one of the lengthiest coastlines in the whole world. It spreads from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. Indonesia is a nation that is a part of Coral Triangle, having world’s 20 per cent of globe’s coral reefs as well as around 600 diverse coral species.

Though, you may feel that you know a lot about Indonesia but here are some surprising facts about the nation that may astonish you.

Indonesia Wayang Kulit

Indonesia Has Worlds Forth Largest Population

Indonesia formally has around 225 Million people, an assessed 10 percent of Indonesians reside in Jakarta. The most of the population of Indonesians is young with people are under age of 25, with high percentage of females.

Indonesia is a Nation of Islands

Indonesia formally has more than 17,000 Islands, range over 5000 KM of ocean. A lot of Islands are thinly occupied, with the mainstream of Indonesian population living in Java Island.

Political System of Indonesia

Indonesia is a contemporary democracy that has a regional governments, parliament, and has many provinces, as well as islands. After 1998, Indonesia has advanced political system as well as good governess, mainly based on the US-system- with a designated President, as well as Parliament, and a government, elections happens in every five years.

Indonesia’s Economy

Indonesia is full of natural resources and tourism is the sector that is strength the nation’s economy. Indonesia was powered by its natural gas, oil, precious stones, gold, as well as forestry exports. It is changing now. The nation has become a clear trader of oil, but also has a robust restricted Industrial base. Indonesia has a steady naval economy.


However, Bahasa is the official language of Indonesian. There are also a lot of people who speak in their local language in home. People of Indonesia use their national and official language BAHASA for business purpose. In Indonesia, there are around 2000 local languages all over the islands and that makes this nation unique.

Indonesia is Volcanically Rich

Indonesia is situated in the pacific edge of fire that has vigorous Volcanoes scattered all across Indonesia islands. There are of active volcano and many are now destroyed or vanished and these lands have actually made most rich land agriculturally in the World.

Indonesia is a Religious Diverse Land

Indonesian has rich religious diversity and many of the Indonesians are predominately Muslims. But not just this, a number of Indonesians is Hindus, Christians, Catholics, as well as Buddhists. Apart from having such a diversity in Indonesia, the constitution of Indonesia assurances the freedom of religion for everyone as well as guard for every ethnic rights and religious. Steadiness and receiving all across spiritual communities, has aided make a sensibly open-mindedness.

Indonesia is a nation where thousand contrasts resides, from its modern cities like Jakarta, as well as villages and many tourist places, greenbelt, and contemporary sector to quite distant back drops where life has not changed much.


Indonesia culture

Indonesia culture